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Drbarefoot  – Founded in 2015 with the intention of creating high end branded content for both National and International agencies and clients. 
With a combined experience of over 50 years we can handle any project from Enormous to Smart Budget. 

Drbarefoot is a full service production hub for (online) video, TVC & photography content. We service from Concept, Art-Direction & Styling, Photography & Direction to Post-Production for both Video en Stills, including Deliverables.

Though we love the proces from A-Z we can also take responsibility for parts of the proces. All can be discussed – Everything is Custom made!  

Collaborating  with loads of creative talents we believe the journey is at least as important as the destination. 

Our team – Drbarefoot team consists of Maarten van Hemmen (Founder), Nicole de Werk (stylist & artdirector) and Willemijn Wesselink (production manager). We have a lot of experience in making content; film, commercials, online content, photography etc.

The people Drbarefoot works with are all somehow connected to the drbarefoot vision “freedom is only five toes away”.

The Five Toes:
• Source: For taking yourself as the ultimate source without being arrogant.
• Independent: To only work with the people you want to work with. 
• Trust: To trust the people you work for, or with. And being trusted in return.
• Passion to Discover: Because Drbarefoot does everything with passion. There’s no other way. We aim to adjust our workflow to the demands of the market
• Destination… Define your destination. Whether it’s a project, a career, or your life for that matter. And make the journey worth your while!

Besides creating content, Drbarefoot leaves his footprints behind by initiating and participating in social awareness projects. Just because it will help people who need it a little bit more than I do.

Green filming- Green The Bid – Drbarefoot strongly believes we all need to make an effort to save the planet. Recently we became a member of the Green The Bid community and for sure we  commit to adding, and advocating for sustainability on each shoot as standard practice. 

PSN – Drbarefoot is the Exclusive Dutch partner of Production Service Network (PSN). With trusted partners in more than 50 countries PSN services Film and Photography productions  all around the world

“Do what you love and do a lot of it”

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