Turkish Airlines – Kobe / Messi

Together with one of the best directors I ever worked with, Marco Grandia, I did a TVC for Turkish Airlines featuring Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant. The script, Messi and Bryant trying to impress a little boy in an airplane, with balltricks. The complicating factor for this shoot was that Messi and Bryant never actually […]

H.F. / Sla Je Slag

I look back on this production with great pleasure. Working for Holy Fools as a freelance Producer was (and is) always a pleasure! In collaboration with Talpa Networks and director Colin Huijser. Top crew and talent…. On to the next!

HEMA Push Pops

In search of interesting webcontent the creative cell called ‘Goed Stel Mensen’ wanted to make a series of 10 mini documentaries about the people who buy Hema products, and in the meantime communicate new or interesting products. By shooting mini documentaries the viewer has the chance to get acquainted with these typical Hema products in […]


The TVC for FBTO in 2013 was a special one. We shot this commercial for Qi-Only at the time. Director Miron Bilski. The cool thing about this concept was that the complete film was pov iPad. So we had to find a way to manage shooting this on tv quality. D.o.P. Menno Westendorp also operated […]


DPC, the communication and publicity department for ministries, acted on different forms of violence, both fysical and mental. We were able to work together on three films with the talented director Hugo Keijzer. Very Proud!      


Agency Woedend! in Amsterdam asked Marco Grandia as a director for this spectacular project for Kia. It has been developed in collaboration with Lennart Driessen and Diederik Willebrandts, which in my opinion was a great team to achieve the succes we were looking for with these three tvc’s. We shot this with a lean and […]


TBWA launched this new campaign for Pearle. We teamed up with Joris Dommels for this project. Starting of with the moveable shop appearing on a football pitch. Because of the succes of this tvc we made two sequel tvc’s: Multifocaal and Papparazzo. Dedicated to Jan Koopmans.      


In 2014 we made this short film, funded by the Dutch Film Fund. Directed by Dennis van de Ven. In a small gas station at the edge of a world rushing by Wendel and Lisa’s life behind the counter is at a standstill. After years of having been treated with contempt by customers without time and […]


Can we decide for our own life? For the dutch foundation NVVE (Euthanasia) there was a intention to tell the story about people in difficult situations. And how people struggle when they feel they do not want to live anymore due to illness of depression. These three films we did because we felt the story […]