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Why shoot in the Netherlands

When you think of The Netherlands, the first things that come to mind are wooden shoes, windmills and liberal drugs policy… Right?

But there is so much more to The Netherlands.

The Netherlands is located in the North West of Europe, and has a logistic function as “The Port Of Europe” for both goods and knowledge.

With a population of around 17 million people we are one of the smallest countries in Europe. Yes, we had our share of world domination a long time ago:-) And at this time we are flexible people and we know how to service others.

Scenery is diverse, though we do not have mountains. We are known as the flattest country in the world.

Drbarefoot has 25+ years of expertise. Recent clients are  Red Horse Media, 24Productions, Alkemy-X, Unit9, QUAD. Drbarefoot is the exclusive partner of PSN (Production Service Network) for The Netherlands with exclusive partner in 100+ countries. 


There are so many reasons to shoot in the Netherlands.


Besides fair crew fees, we work with small(er) crews then most other countries.


The Netherlands is not a big country, so travel time is limited. It is easy to get around. Also for most countries there is no work permit needed.


We do not have assistants of assistants. Depending the shoot we will ‘cast’ the best crew for that specific job. People are willing to assist others if needed.


Not only do we have beautiful old cities and meadows as far as you can look… We do have modern architecture and various location options for your shoot. Both EXT and INT.


Pls consider The Netherlands for your shoot in a (sound)stage! We have good quality studios and a lot of high end Art directors and Set building companies


The Netherlands is a melting pot of cultures, with loads of unique and beautiful coloured people, who come in all different shapes and sizes. A 100% match for all your non-speaking ACTING talent and models. 99% of the Dutch talent speaks English. And don’t forget we have London around the corner, which is just a 1 hour flight. We have a network of Casting Directors there as well.


(liable to change) During this pandamic, which is still going on, we have managed to keep working. Due to our ‘intelligent lockdown’ system we can still operate on set, both location sand in studios. We work together, at 1,5 ter distance. It means that everything takes more time, not too many people on set during prep and shoot, and remote production where possible. But still…. cameras are rolling!


We can get you on set while working from home! Using Take monitor we have remote acces on set for clients, agency and even directors.


Old city

House exterior

House interior

Sea side

The Netherlands is located by the sea, and has a recorded coastline length of over 450 km.
There are some beautiful beaches like Scheveningen or Zandvoort, but not everybody is aware of the overwhelming beauty of the islands which exist in the north of the Netherlands.

The Wadden Islands (also called the Frisian Islands) are an amazing destination within the country and a great spot for a romantic getaway. Separated by a very shallow sea, which recedes during low tide, Terschelling, Texel, Schiermonnikoog, Vlieland and Ameland constitute an environmentally protected UNESCO World Heritage area.

The Netherlands is a very small country which means that the beach is always near by.. From north to south is 300 km length and from east to west 200 km.

Green fields

Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood of Zaandam. It is best known for its collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses.

Zaanse Schans is one of the popular tourist attractions of the Netherlands and an anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage



There is a lot diversity in talent in the Netherlands. Non-speaking talent From East-Asian, to Indian, Arabic, Mediterranean, African and Caucasian. and for native English speaking talent we have the UK around the corner with just a one-hour flight.


Do not hesitate to speak to us regarding post-production. Drbarefoot partners with high end post-production houses in and around Amsterdam, and we do have an extensive network with freelance editors, colorists, VFX- artists, composers and sound studios. Feel free to ask for more information

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