Drbarefoot mainly focuses on branded content, but we also like to work on social projects in order to contribute.
One of those projects is Hackshield, in which we have set up a great project together with Flavor and other partners.

Most children’s lives take place online. Yet children are hardly aware of the online dangers. They share personal data on a daily basis but are not well prepared to handle it in a responsible manner. HackShield teaches children how to arm themselves against cybercrime in a playful way. Through an exciting game they learn about the dangers of the internet and develop skills with which they can counteract these dangers.
They take part in a compelling story, learn about online safety, discover the dangers and learn how to guard against this in several episodes.

At this time the first episodes  ‘Hack the Hack’ en  ‘What The Hack’ are visible on www.joinhackshield.nl.

Special thanks to:

Flavour: Lex, Tim, Wessel, Laura en Emily
Cast: Tess Hoef & Tristan Jones
Regie: Hiba Vink
Camera ‘Hack the Hack’: Bob Alkemade
Camera ‘What the Hack’: Martijn Kalkhoven
Geluid: Victor Grandia
Geluid: Jasnai Jansen
Licht: Bart Blankenzee
Setdresser: Johan Klungel
Visagie: Kimberly Nieuwerth
Edit eps 1: Bob Alkemade
Edit eps 3: Lianne Kotte
Producer: Maarten van Hemmen
Productiemanager: Willemijn Wesselink