H.F. -Chio -“Serenade”

That was quite some project! For Holy Fools we managed to make this project a big party with the talented Joris Dommels, the enormous commitment of Floris van der Lee, Denise, Luuk “the fireworks” Lindeboom, kept nice and sharp by Luuk and Christiaan, the beautiful toys of Peter and Julien, the ‘on-set key’ by Sander, Top lighting team with Willem, Aaron Jeroen, Tim, And the beautiful set by Genaro, Dirk and Justine, the fantastic wardrobe by Nicole, make-up by Niels and Faisa and of course the delicious food by Suus and Binky!

And not to forget the commitment of Ton, Efraim and Ed during the whole postproduction process….!
We were a strong team with Janne, Tim & Tim @ Blossom.

Thanks Collin, Frank and Wikke! I’m proud of this project