To find and To be found. That’s

LATEST UPDATE: Due to circumstances, we decided to stop this initiative. We look back on this project with a lot of sweet memories though

“I need a sound engineer tomorrow! And a runner! Oh and an editor for the day after!” is a new platform where you can quickly and easily find a lot of onepitters. From director to drone operator and from production assistant to caterer or sound engineer. All crew clearly together in one place! wants to connect people, nothing more, nothing less. The size of the database partly determines the success. The more people have a listing, the more attractive it becomes for the people who are looking for film crews.

What’s in this for you? ensures that your findability within the film/media world is increased. And with that you also expand your network!

What am I paying for? takes care of the connection between people who are looking for crew and crew who want to be found. We ensure that people who regularly need crew find their way to the website. We do this by promoting to potential target groups on social media. For example, think of production companies, agencies and advertisers/brands, but of course also other freelancers. So there is a good chance that you will come into contact with new clients via!

How does it work?
When you register at you can make yourself visible in three categories. For example Artdirector, Setdresser and Soundman. Some people can do more than one thing…. You can also add a bio or a link to a video if you’d like. provides visibility, so that the right people can find you. is not an agency, not a booking service, but a platform to give freelancers an extra opportunity to make themselves visible.