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Prudential- Financial Wellness

With our American client Alkemy, we’ve produced 2 films in the Netherlands about people who got lessons in the art of budgetting. This made their workplace become their wellness place.
EDUCATION. ADVICE. EXPERIENCES are the strategies of Prudential Financial Wellness.
This helps people to prepare their retirement and keep their financial health where it needs to be.

With our dutch crew we created these video’s for the US. Many thanks to Damien Hope, Remco den Hartog, Mark Huisman, Paco Kumar, Wessel Blankenstein, Antoine Petiet, Rolf Roodhard, Jeanne Veldhoen, Nicole de Werk, Kitty Alberts, Jolien Wansing, Faisa Sontodimedjo, Niels Roosendaal, Coen, Katja, Thomas Ferguson, Marco Reekers, PP Everts, Anneke & Quinten Janssen, Elmer van der Marel, Glenn Coenen, Floris de Bruyn Kops, Antimodels & Dynamic Casting.

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