Songs Of Life

Songs of Life was produced by Ch’i Media. Ch’i Media originated from a collaboration between Drbarefoot, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Marie-Claire Witlox. By bringing together expertise, a new creative production company was created. With the aim of telling passionate stories on various platforms through connected formats. In which love for music, a fresh look at the world and human interest are central. Ch’i Media is all about energy…

Step by step

In 2016, Songs of Life was the first achievement. In collaboration with the Dutch Lottery and on behalf of RTL4. “Jeroen in California – Songs of Life” is a program in which eight well-known Dutch music friends of Jeroen visit him in Malibu, California. A song is written and recorded in each episode. After eight episodes, the album Songs of Life was actually released.

One step closer to the destination and still enjoying the journey…!