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Destination: Zanzibar

Freedom is only five toes away. It was this insight (given to me by my brother in law) that made all the difference. Just define what your five toes are….. Defining my values through ‘five toes’ in both my personal as my professional life was something that made me very happy. One of the toes is DESTINATION.  Whether it is your life, your career or a project for that matter.

I have set my destination in 15 years. With a timeline to go with that. Because having a great goal and destination is one thing. But the road to reach that destination should be as much fun as the destination itself.

The destination is: a small but unique place somewhere on this planet, where there’s no seasons other than wind season and more-wind season, a place where people want to go to, in order to work on their sport skills such as (kite)surfing, hiking, biking diving etc, but also a place where you can just hang out and ‘be’. Besides this all there should also be a possibility of working on yourself through coaching sessions on career or midlife or something else that needs working on:-)

So I am looking for the ultimate spot to create such a place. First step in this proces was a location visit to Zanzibar. The island itself and also the name of this Island to say it all…. The end of the world……. Where you can disconnect from the world, yet connect with yourself. How cool is that.

I spend a week there with my lovely girlfriend just hanging out, kitesurfing and discovering how people live there, what the culture is like, possibilities to get in touch with local people and speaking to people from abroad who are entrepreneurs as well. It was an interesting week! Who knows in fifteen years this will be the place….? #drbarefootlife

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