What a beautiful journey! In collaboration with Persuade and Zeeman, Drbarefoot produced a Manifesto film, scripted and directed by the unmissable Herbert van Hoogdalem. Herbert wrote the following text about it, which we fully support! –> (read below the video thumb, after you watched the video!)

“At Zeeman we like simplicity. But today’s world is not that simple at all. Things are discarded too quickly. And that sometimes also applies to people.”

Those were the first lines I wrote for the new brand manifesto of Zeeman textileSupers, more than a year ago now.

Started with an identity session in Alphen aan den Rijn at the invitation of Michiel Rijshouwer from persuade, it became a job that kept me off the streets for most of 2023. And for which I flew halfway around the world.

Things got a bit out of hand. A bit of a mess, even. Where we started with a slight shift in the strategy and brand story, people suddenly also wanted a film script. And then I was also allowed to direct that film.

It’s one of the most impressive things I’ve ever done in my life.

Impressive because – anywhere in the world – I met people from Zeeman textileSupers who lived for that company. From driver to CEO, from marketer to cashier, from buyer to production employee. In 35 years I have never experienced so much authenticity of a brand and so much genuine love for a company.

The trip to Bangladesh was phenomenal. I initially thought that we couldn’t go there from a sustainability perspective – Zeeman chose to have all her people in the film. This also includes those behind the sewing machines in Dhakar. Talking about inclusivity.

A hellish trip – back and forth in three days with a small team. Three hours and fifteen minutes in a traffic jam on seven kilometers of highway. Completely impressed by the country, the hustle and bustle, the poverty, the hopelessness and at the same time: the fighting spirit, the urge to survive.

What I remember most: the proud look of the ladies in the factory. While the male management thought they could act as a movie star in the film, they didn’t think much of it. And in such a masculine culture in which women are viewed with disdain, they turned a blind eye when we decided to focus on those women.

Because it made the film many times better, but secretly I loved seeing those women revive like that. The effect of a camera – the glow that came from finally being seen!

It has not become a film, but a story. A story that lasts much longer than the 3:28 on Vimeo. A story that will resonate for the rest of my life.

If only because you realize that with this profession you can also touch people long before there is an end result.

En niet te zuinig ook!